Buena Park Mall Entertainment Center

Environmental Impact Report
City of Buena Park, California

Applied Planning, Inc. assisted the City of Buena Park Development Services Department by preparing and processing an Environmental Impact Report for the proposed renovation of the Buena Park Mall, located south of La Palma Avenue adjacent to Dale Street in the City of Buena Park. The Project provides for the redevelopment and reuse of southerly portions of the Mall site. The existing JC Penney will be razed and replaced with a new 210,000-square-foot Entertainment Center complex. Included in the proposal is a 4,800 seat theater, which will be complemented by retail space developed around a central plaza. A new 150,400-square-foot parking structure providing 2,601 spaces will be constructed to the east of the plaza area. Existing theaters within the Mall will be redeveloped as retail space or other Mall-related uses.

Planning Strategies and Environmental Solutions